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SkyMath is a great new app that turns an iPad into the most fun, most personalized math mentor imaginable!

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Here's what you'll need:

        •An iPad with iOS 8.0 or higher; and

     •A child in elementary school (K-4) who wants to gain confidence and

     knowledge to shine in math class.

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See Results from our Summer Pilot Program here.

Curated App Recommendations

We’ve picked out the best apps and games to practice each topic that’s at exactly the right level.

Personalized Learning Profiles

Before we start, we find out exactly where your child is so we give her just the right topics.

Curated Instructional Videos

We’ll give your child a choice of instructional videos to help learn a new topic.

Motivating Characters

A friendly avatar motivates your child on their learning journey.

Track Progress

We’ll track the progress your child makes and keep you updated when they’ve mastered new skills.


We have little surprises throughout the app to celebrate and recognize your child’s hard work.


With your approval, your child will earn rewards and prizes for reaching meaningful learning milestones.

Variety and Choice

Kids get to choose how they learn and practice every topic. There’s always something new, so they won’t get tired of playing the same games again and again.

"SkyMath has been a great solution for us; our daughter has gone from slightly below grade level to two grade levels worth of progress."

-Mike (parent)

"Greater than and less than is really hard, but when I learned it with the iPad mini, it was kind of easy for me!"

-Arianna, 3rd grade

"These games get me educated ON THE GO, in the car, wherever, so I learn more when I go
to school."

-Sophia, 2nd grade

"I recommend Skymath for kids because it helps you learn in school and get smarter"

-Mikel 2nd grade

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